S. Y. Yao

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Our identification of Chlamydia pneumoniae in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of a patient with multiple sclerosis (MS) led us to examine the incidence of this organism in the CSF from 17 patients with relapsing-remitting MS, 20 patients with progressive MS, and 27 patients with other neurological diseases (OND). CSF samples were examined for C pneumoniae by(More)
BACKGROUND Considerable evidence suggests the role of an infectious agent in MS. The presence of Chlamydophila pneumoniae in CSF from patients with MS was shown earlier; to further examine this association the reactivity of the oligoclonal antibody response in the CSF of patients with MS to C pneumoniae antigens was determined and compared with other(More)
We examined the reliability, cross-instrument validity, and factor structure of Chinese adaptations of the Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire (PDQ-4+; N = 1,926) and Personality Disorders Interview (PDI-IV; N = 525) in psychiatric patients. Comparisons with data from Western countries suggest that the psychometric properties of these two instruments are(More)
Personality disorders (PDs) are usually construed as psychiatric categories characterized by a unique configuration of traits and behaviors. To generate clinical hypotheses from normal personality trait scores, profile agreement statistics can be calculated using a prototypical personality profile for each PD. Multimethod data from 1,909 psychiatric(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between tinnitus and glucose metabolism in auditory cortex and whether positron emission tomography (PET) can be an objective tool in measuring tinnitus. METHODS Eleven right-handed patients with severe tinnitus and ten right-handed control subjects participated in the 18F-FDG/PET study. Analysis with regions of(More)
This trial examined the safety and possible MRI and clinical effects of anti-chlamydial antibiotic therapy in relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS). Newly diagnosed MS patients were selected to participate if they showed Chlamydia pneumoniae gene in their CSF and had one or more enhancing lesions on brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). After a 4-month run in(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the experimental method of obtaining position emission tonogiaphy (PET) imaging evidence of changes in cerebral function by puncturing the Stomach 36 (ST36, Zusanli) acupoint. METHODS Data on changes of cerebral glycometabolism were obtained from six healthy male volunteers with positron emission tomography. Visual experimental(More)
There are currently four known isoforms of nitric oxide synthase (NOS). Of these, neuronal NOS (nNOS) is known to be present exclusively in neurons, endothelial NOS (eNOS) in vascular endothelium, while the inducible form of NOS (iNOS) is known to be activated in oligodendrocytes, astrocytes and microglia. The fourth isoform, mitochondrial NOS (mtNOS),(More)