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BACKGROUND Robotic surgery was invented to overcome the demerits of laparoscopic technique. However, it is unclear whether robot-assisted colectomy (RAC) has significant clinical advantages over laparoscopically assisted colectomy (LAC) in treating colonic cancer. The aim of this study was to compare the surgical outcomes of RAC versus LAC for right-sided(More)
We studied the effects of hyperhydricity on subcellular ultrastructure and physiology of leaves during in vitro regeneration of apple plants. Morphological, anatomical and ultrastructural differences between healthy leaf tissues obtained from greenhouse-grown plants and healthy and hyperhydric leaves obtained from shoots raised from nodal shoot explants in(More)
The gene coding for an extracellular lipase of Bacillus stearothermophilus L1 was cloned in Escherichia coli. Sequence analysis showed an open reading frame of 1254 bp, which encodes a polypeptide of 417 amino acid residues. The polypeptide was composed of a signal sequence (29 amino acids) and a mature protein of 388 amino acids. An alanine replaces the(More)
BACKGROUND Tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) are known to be associated with response to primary systemic therapy (PST) in breast cancer. This study was conducted to assess the association of TIL subsets with pathological complete response (pCR) after PST in breast cancer in relation to breast cancer subtype, breast cancer stem cell (BCSC) phenotype(More)
MEN1 is a syndrome of parathyroid adenomas, gastrinomas, prolactinomas, and other endocrine tumors. Collagenomas and facial angiofibromas are newly recognized but common skin expressions. Many tumors in MEN1 are benign; however, many entero-pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors and foregut carcinoid tumors are malignant. MEN1 is thus the expression of a cancer(More)
Cholangiocarcinoma (CC), a malignant neoplasm of the biliary epithelium, is usually fatal because of difficulty in early diagnosis and lack of availability of effective therapy. Furthermore, little is known about the genetics and biology of CC. Only a few reports concerning cytogenetic studies of CC have been published, and few cell lines have been(More)
Four females and a male nematode isolated from 2 patients who visited eye clinics in Seoul were identified as Thelazia callipaeda and their ultrastructures were observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). General features of the worms were slender and attenuated at both ends. Vaginal opening was located at 0.27 mm from the anterior end, and in front of(More)
Osteoporosis is influenced by genetic factors. The interindividual variability in the activity of CYP3A, the metabolic enzyme of sex hormones, may result from genetic polymorphisms. In a study of 2,178 women of ages 40-79 years, the presence of the CYP3A4*18 variant was found to be significantly associated with low bone mass. In vitro functional analyses(More)
This study was performed to investigate the incidence of remifentanil-induced cough and evaluate the efficacy of lidocaine on its prevention. Five-hundred patients, aged 18-70 years, were randomly allocated into two groups to receive either lidocaine 0.5 mg x kg(-1) or 0.9% normal saline intravenously 1 min before remifentanil administration at a target(More)
BACKGROUND This case-control study compared the clinical outcomes of totally laparoscopic hemicolectomy with natural orifice specimen extraction (NOSE) and the conventional laparoscopically assisted approach for right-sided colonic cancer. METHODS Consecutive patients who underwent totally laparoscopic mobilization of the right colon with transvaginal(More)