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Handbook of Signal Processing Systems provides a standalone, complete reference to signal processing systems organized in four parts. The first part motivates representative applications that drive and apply state‐of‐ the art methods for design and implementation of signal processing systems; the second part discusses architectures for implementing these(More)
This paper proposes to incorporate full covariance matrices into the radial basis function (RBF) networks and to use the Expectation-Maximization (EM) algorithm to estimate the basis function parameters. The resulting networks, referred to as elliptical basis function (EBF) networks, are evaluated through a series of text-independent speaker veriication(More)
Integral imaging is a technique capable of displaying images with continuous parallax in full natural colour. This paper presents a modified multi-baseline method for extracting depth information from unidirectional integral images. The method involves first extracting sub-images from the integral image. A sub-image is constructed by extracting one pixel(More)
v + =cu+v Fig. 6. Constraint preprocessor for large numbers of constraints with no permutations of input data. U,, is the row i column j element of U given in (19). Systolic skew of input data not shown. formers, each having the same number of degrees of freedom. Then one only needs to change the constants in the preprocessor to change the constraint set.(More)