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The first phase of spermiogenesis in argasid and ixodid ticks is described. The inner core of the spermatid passes through the outer sheath so that speriogenesis is permitted to follow its course. The outer sheath is not ruptured in the process, but a well-defined operculum opens to let the inner core through. The opening of the operculum is a clear-cut(More)
Haemaphysalis cretica and H. otophila thrive in the Mediterranean phytogeographic zone of the eastern Mediterranean area. Haemaphysalis otophila has a wide geographical distribution, H. cretica is more restricted. The adults of both species parasitize sheep and goats, and transmit diseases. The pre-imaginal stages feed on reptiles and small mammals. Adults(More)
Stimuli which modulate oviposition of P. papatasi were investigated to improve insectary breeding efficiency. Oviposition and survival of gravid females were observed weekly during April-December 1987, in plastic cages at 28 +/- 1 degrees C with L:D 17:7. Oviposition of controls was subject to seasonal variation despite the relatively uniform insectary(More)
Stages of Leishmania developing in the vector include different morphs that are exposed first to ingested blood and then to sugar meals. This study sought to determine whether stages occurring in the latter medium could be induced by culturing in sugar-based media. In sucrose solutions, L. major continued to divide and multiplied by 38-46%. Paramastigotes(More)
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