S. Y. Bilgin

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In this paper, we present biometric person recognition experiments in a real-world car environment using speech, face, and driving signals. We have performed experiments on a subset of the in-car corpus collected at the Nagoya University, Japan. We have used Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC) for speaker recognition. For face recognition, we have(More)
Bildiri Konusu: Örüntü ve Nesne Tanıma " IEEE SİU 2004Öğrenci Makalesi Ödülüne Aday " Abstract In this paper, a multimodal person verification system is presented. The system is based on face and voice modalities. Fusion of information derived from each modality is performed at the matching score level using sum rule. For face verification statistical(More)
For this study, we designed a QR Code Identity Tag system to integrate into the Turkish healthcare system. This system provides QR code-based medical identification alerts and an in-hospital patient identification system. Every member of the medical system is assigned a unique QR Code Tag; to facilitate medical identification alerts, the QR Code Identity(More)
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