S. Wunderlin

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For future clinical use as synthetic bone replacement, an injectable brushite-(chronOS-Inject) and hydroxylapatite-(Biobon) cement were compared in a drill hole model in 10 sheep over time at 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 and 24 weeks. Results were compared regarding their practical use, biocompatibiliy, resorption mechanism and subsequent new bone formation. The cements(More)
Equine and feline dysautonomias are characterized histopathologically by degenerating neurons with chromatolysis, pyknotic and sometimes eccentric nuclei, and loss of Nissl substance in the peripheral autonomic ganglia. Because it may be difficult to distinguish pathological from post-mortem changes in affected ganglia by histopathological examination,(More)
Database performance benchmarks provide an important measure for the comparison of database management systems. This paper provides an introduction to performance benchmarks for centralised databases. The introduction includes benchmarks for transaction processing, such as DebitCredit, TPC-A and TPC-B, and benchmarks for decision support, such as the(More)
The Core Outcome Measures Index for the back (COMI-back) is a very brief instrument for assessing the main outcomes of importance to patients with back problems (pain, function, symptom-specific well-being, quality of life, disability). However, it might be expected to be less responsive than a disease-specific instrument when evaluating specific(More)
AIM Physical fitness is related to injuries, attrition and military ability in military organisations. Therefore, all military organizations of the North Atlantic Treaty Organizations (NATO) test their employees' physical fitness at least once a year. The sit-up test is part of most of the fitness test batteries used. A possible alternative to the sit-up(More)
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