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In this paper we report on using Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) middleware as a means of supporting the rapid development of Distributed Virtual Environment (DVE) applications. We show how CORBA services can be exploited to provide many of the typical functional requirements that developers of DVE applications require, thus reducing the(More)
The United States creates or acquires increasingly more complex intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems to maintain a strong, leading presence within the world. As a result, ISR systems have become more costly and difficult to manage. The research team focused on continuing previous year efforts of another team to utilize commercial(More)
5 This paper details a strategy for modifying the source code of a complex model so that the 6 model may be used in a data assimilation context, and gives the standards for implementing a data 7 assimilation code to use such a model. The strategy relies on keeping the model separate from any 8 data assimilation code, and coupling the two through the use of(More)
The traditional method to estimate code performance in the higher SNR region is to use a sum of the contributions of the most dominant error events to the probability of error. If an ML decoder is used, these events will be minimum distance codewords; the traditional decoder used in LDPC codes, some variant of the message passing algorithm, will introduce(More)
We focus on the achievable diversity order and probability of error performance in an uncoded cooperative relaying scenario with multiple relays when the destination has no knowledge of the channel gains corresponding to the source to relay links. We consider a hard-decision adaptive decode-and- forward protocol wherein each relay transmits only if its(More)