S. Whittaker

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This paper addresses how to provide improved generation capabilities for both spoken and mul-timodal dialogue systems. Recent work on the evaluation of dialogue systems indicates that better algorithms are needed for the presentation of complex information in speech. Current dialogue systems often rely on presenting sets of options and their attributes(More)
The effectiveness of education in reducing high-risk human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission behaviors was examined in 313 injection drug users. Involvement in high-risk behaviors was assessed via structured interview at study entry and 4 months following the intervention. Subjects were randomly assigned to (1) AIDS education, (2) AIDS education(More)
Needle-use practices of intravenous drug users (IVDUs) were examined in a region (Seattle, King Country, Washington State, USA) where needle purchase is legal. IVDUs in treatment (n = 313) were administered extensive structured interviews concerning drug and injection equipment-use practices. Of the 80.2% reporting intravenous drug use in the previous year,(More)
Sexual behaviors of a group of 313 intravenous drug users (IVDUs) (225 men, 88 women) were assessed by a structured interview at the start of an AIDS prevention project. Although the majority were celibate or monogamous during the prior year (men 52.5%, women 64.3%), many IVDUs had multiple sexual partners in that time, including 19.6% of men and 7.2% of(More)
Two patients who were concomitantly undergoing methadone maintenance treatment and receiving phenytoin suffered continuing opioid withdrawal symptoms as a results of phenytoin's acceleration of methadone metabolism. When anticonvulsant therapy was discontinued, these patients had seizures. One patient was switched to carbamazepine as an alternative(More)
Spoken dialogue systems have a strong requirement to produce concise and informative utterances. While interacting over a phone, users must both understand the system’s utterances, and remember important facts that the system is providing. Thus most dialogue systems implement some combination of different techniques for (1) option selection: pruning the set(More)
REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY Although low birthweight is a risk factor for neonatal illness, the impact of high birthweight on the health of foals and mares, and on the foals' long-term athletic capability, is unknown. OBJECTIVES To investigate whether: 1) foals that are excessively heavy are associated with an increased prevalence of maternal illness in(More)