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PURPOSE To compare whether free spectacles or only a prescription for spectacles influences wearing rates among Tanzanian students with un/undercorrected refractive error (RE). METHODS DESIGN Cluster randomised trial. SETTING 37 secondary schools in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. PARTICIPANTS Distance visual acuity was measured in 6,904 year-1 students(More)
We propose a two algorithms for computation of (sharp) enclosures of definite interevals: a lor.rd adaptive dgorid~a (LAA) and a g/oba/ a&,pth~ cdgor92~n (GAA). Both algorithms are based (m Gauss-Legendre ~ladrature. Error terms are bounded using automatic differentiation in combination with interval evah:adons. Several nmnerical examples are presented;(More)
PURPOSE To compare the cost and effectiveness of three cycloplegic agents among Nigerian children. METHODS Two hundred thirty-three children aged 4 to 15 years attending outpatient eye clinics in Nigeria were randomized to (1) 1% cyclopentolate, (2) 1% cyclopentolate and 0.5% tropicamide, or (3) 1% atropine drops in each eye (instilled at home over 3(More)
Die Berichte sind in elektronischer Form erhältlichüber die World Wide Web Seiten Zusammenfassung C–XSC 2.0: Eine C++ Klassenbibliothek für erweitertes Wissenschaftliches Rech-nen: C – XSC ist ein Werkzeug zur Entwicklung numerischer Algorithmen, die hochgenaue und selbstverifizierende Resultate liefern. C – XSC stellt eine große Zahl vordefinierter(More)
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