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Derivations from nonverbal communications accommodation theory are tested, and this knowledge is extended both theoretically and methodologically. Fast fourier transform and statistical analysis of a low-frequency nonverbal signal-in voices from 25 dyadic interviews between a talk show host and his guests revealed voice convergence between partners.(More)
The 340B program provides an opportunity for hospitals to achieve significant cost savings on outpatient drugs. Disputes surrounding the Medicare DSH payment calculation, and potential misunderstandings of Medicare provider-based rules, pose obstacles to hospitals that wish to continue or gain participation in the program. Eligible hospitals should pay(More)
Organic/inorganic matrix nanocomposites have been created using an acid catalyzed, tetraethyl orthosilicate-based sol–gel technique with single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs). By utilizing nanotubes functionalized with the dendron methyl 3,5-di(meth-yltrigycoloxy)benzylic alcohol (I PEG), ultrasonic blending in the sol phase prior to gela-tion yields(More)
BACKGROUND People with bipolar disorder (BD) have a mortality gap of up to 20 years compared to the general population. Physical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer, cause the majority of excess deaths in psychiatric populations and are the leading causes of mortality in people with BD. However, comparatively little attention has(More)