S. Watcharinyanon

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The intercalation and deintercalation mechanisms of Si deposited on monolayer graphene grown on SiC(0001) substrates and after subsequent annealing steps are investigated using low-energy electron microscopy (LEEM), photoelectron spectroscopy (PES), and micro-low-energy electron diffraction (μ-LEED). After Si deposition on samples kept at room temperature,(More)
Graphene grown on C-face SiC substrates using two procedures, high and low growth temperature and different ambients, was investigated using Low Energy Electron Microscopy (LEEM), X-ray Photo Electron Electron Microscopy (XPEEM), selected area Low Energy Electron Diffraction (μ-LEED) and selected area Photo Electron Spectroscopy (μ-PES). Both types of(More)
An x-ray photoemission electron microscope (X-PEEM) equipped with a hemispherical energy analyzer is capable of fast acquisition of momentum-resolved photoelectron angular distribution patterns in a complete cone. We have applied this technique to observe the 3-D ðE; k x ; k y Þ electronic band structure of zero-, one-, and two-monolayer (ML) graphene grown(More)
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