S. W. Wendy Wong

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The molecular pathogenesis of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is poorly understood. Whole-genome and exome sequencing followed by innovative tumorgraft analyses (to accurately determine mutant allele ratios) identified several putative two-hit tumor suppressor genes, including BAP1. The BAP1 protein, a nuclear deubiquitinase, is inactivated in 15% of clear cell(More)
Consortium members: Janice M. Fullerton was omitted from the membership list and has now been added with affiliations 76 and 77. Phil H. Lee was listed incorrectly as Phil L. Hyoun. Fan Meng was listed incorrectly as Fan Guo Meng, and the associated affiliation has been changed from 51 to 54. Robert Thompson was assigned affiliation 50; the correct(More)
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