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Sleep is a well-studied biological process in vertebrates, particularly birds and mammals. Less is know about sleep in solitary and social invertebrates, particularly the ants. This paper reports a study of light/dark periods on worker activity as well as sleep location, posture and the wake/sleep cycles of fire ant workers and queens located in an(More)
Litter ammonia emission and bacteria pathogen control are 2 major issues affecting the modern commercial poultry industry. Litter amend­ ments have been developed that when applied to the litter surface will trap ammonia as ammonium and reduce volatilization. These amend­ ments come in several types, with acidifiers being the most common. Past research has(More)
REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY Trotting over poles is used therapeutically to restore full ranges of limb joint motion. The mechanics of trotting over poles have not yet been described, hence quantitative evidence for the presumed therapeutic effects is lacking. OBJECTIVES To compare limb kinematics in horses trotting over level ground, over low poles and(More)
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