S. W. Ng

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In this demonstration paper, the prototype called REal-time TraffIc NAvigation System (RETINA) is introduced. The goal is to investigate the effectiveness of various soft real-time techniques in the development of mobile applications. 1 Introduction An important mobile application is to provide users information in a real-time fashion over a mobile network,(More)
Rate Adaptation Protocol (RAP) is a rate-based protocol that has been proposed to provide a non-reliable real-time streaming service over the Internet. It is also TCP friendly, which is crucial for network environments where real-time streams need to coexist with traditional data traffic. In this paper we show that using RAP in a lossy wireless network(More)
A major problem in supporting multimedia streaming in the Internet is that the streaming protocol used tends to take bandwidth away from competing TCP traffic streams. Thus it is important to devise rate based protocols that are TCP-friendly. In the paper we examine the effectiveness of two important models i n devising TCP-friendly rate based protocols in(More)
Topoisomerases are nuclear enzymes that modulate the topological structure of DNA in order to facilitate cellular events such as replication and transcription. These enzymes are also the cellular targets of certain classes of chemotherapeutic agents termed topoisomerase poisons. A new human topoisomerase isoform, IIIa, was discovered in 1996, which is(More)
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