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As latex proteins, which cause latex hypersensitivity, can be found on starch particles and inhalation may be a route for sensitization, the presence of starch particles in hospital air was examined. The starch particles were demonstrated by immobilization onto cellulose acetate filters and staining with iodine. Rooms in which powdered latex gloves were(More)
The DGHM test for hygienic hand disinfection is based on that of Rotter et al. (1980), and compares the ability of a test agent with 60% isopropanol to reduce Escherichia coli counts on artificially contaminated fingers using 15 volunteers. The test was performed seven times--three with 10% povidone-iodine (PVP-I) scrub, three with 10% PVP-I solution and(More)
Air sampling studies are described which show high levels of airborne starch powder contamination in areas where powdered latex gloves are used. Furthermore, culture of collected samples show a clear association between starch particles and bacterial colonies in an experimental system suggesting that airborne particles could act as a vector for pathogens in(More)
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