S. W. Ma

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This paper presents a rate control scheme for H.264 by introducing the concept of basic unit and a linear prediction model. The basic unit can be a macroblock (MB), a slice, or a frame. It can be used to obtain a trade-off between the overall coding efficiency and the bits fluctuation. The linear model is used to solve the chicken and egg dilemma existing(More)
The conventional design of high affinity drugs targeted to a single molecule has not resulted in clinically useful therapies for pain relief. Recent reviews have suggested that newly designed analgesic drugs should incorporate multiple targets. The distributions of cholecystokinin (CCK) and CCK receptors in the central nervous system (CNS) overlap(More)
Substantial pharmacological evidence in vitro and in vivo has suggested the existence of subtypes of the kappa opioid receptor. Quantitative radioligand binding techniques resolved the presence of two high affinity binding sites for the kappa 1 ligand [3H]U69,593 in mouse brain membranes, termed kappa 1a and kappa 1b, respectively. Whereas the kappa 1a site(More)
Chimeric M1/M2 receptors were expressed in murine fibroblasts (B82) transfected with recombinant m1/m2 receptor genes. The binding affinities of a number of muscarinic antagonists and the agonist carbachol for these chimeric receptors were compared with the ligands' affinities for the M1 and M2 receptors expressed in the B82 cells. The tricyclic compounds,(More)
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