S.W. Huang

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An augmented sparse-matrix canonical-grid (SMCG) approach for numerical analysis of scattering by dielectric random rough surfaces is developed. It is an extension of the previous modified SMCG scheme for perfect-electric-conducting (PEC) surfaces to dielectric cases, and is enhanced by adopting curved triangulation modeling. By using the curved modeling(More)
An improved sparse-matrix canonical-grid (SMCG) method for simulation of scattering by dielectric random rough surface is developed. Curvilinear triangular patches are employed to model the rough surfaces and curvilinear Rao-Wilton-Glisson (RWG) basis functions are adopted to expand the surface equivalent currents, replacing the planar triangular patches(More)
A parametric geometric modelling method for solution of electromagnetic integral equations that employs piecewise Lagrange polynomials that use only partial interpolation nodes to fit the curved surfaces, other than higher-order Lagrange interpolation that involves all nodes, is proposed. The method has compact formulae for arbitrary order, and is flexible(More)
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