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DNA molecules in a solution can be immobilized and stretched into a highly ordered array on a solid surface containing micropillars by molecular combing technique. However, the mechanism of this process is not well understood. In this study, we demonstrated the generation of DNA nanostrand array with linear, zigzag, and fork-zigzag patterns and the(More)
The intubation technique for those surgical patients considered to be difficult intubation were classically managed by blind nasotracheal intubation, tracheostomy and so forth. These procedures are rather invasive and resulted in post-operative complications. 30 adult patients of ASA class II-III with difficulty in intubation were chosen to receive awake(More)
The droplet impingement into a cavity at micrometer-scale is one of important fluidic issues for microfabrications, e.g. the inkjet deposition process in the PLED display manufacturing. The related micro-fluidic behaviors in the deposition process should be carefully treated to ensure the desired quality of microfabrication. The droplets generally(More)