S W B Newsom

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John Snow was one of the founders of epidemiology. Already convinced of the value of pure water, he analysed the distribution of cholera cases in the 1848 epidemic in relation to the purity of the water supply in London. His hypothesis that cholera was spread by contaminated water was tested by the 'Broad Street' epidemic of 1854. Snow quickly traced the(More)
The DGHM test for hygienic hand disinfection is based on that of Rotter et al. (1980), and compares the ability of a test agent with 60% isopropanol to reduce Escherichia coli counts on artificially contaminated fingers using 15 volunteers. The test was performed seven times--three with 10% povidone-iodine (PVP-I) scrub, three with 10% PVP-I solution and(More)
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