S. W. A. Rizvi

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Measuring software maintainability early in the development life cycle, especially at the design phase, may help designers to incorporate required enhancement and corrections for improving maintainability of the final software. This paper developed a multivariate linear model ‘Maintainability Estimation Model for Object-Oriented software in Design phase’(More)
With the beginning of internet era, the world becomes very hi-tech. In this era of technology, each and every one is highly dependent on computer and internet. Use of computer makes every work easy, efficient, accurate and fast. Even sitting at home every work can be done with the use of computer and internet across the world. Such dependence on software(More)
The paper presents a reliability prediction model that predicts the reliability of the developing software using fuzzy inference system. The focus of the study is on the reliability prediction prior to the coding phase so that the developers use this information for optimally performing resource planning and quality assessment of the software under(More)
In the current scenario as the influence of information technology has been rising day by day, the industry is facing the pressure of developing software with higher level of reliability. Generally it is an accepted fact that the roots of unreliability lies in ill defined requirements and design documents. With this spirit, researcher has proposed and(More)
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