S Vyravanathan

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A study has been made of hoarseness in 26 tuberculous patients in Kandy (Sri Lanka). Tuberculous inflammation of the vocal cord or ventricular fold was its cause in 18 of them, in 17 of whom the laryngeal infection was due to direct implantation of tubercle bacilli from lung cavities through cough; in one it was probably haematogenous. Hoarseness in the(More)
The clinical course of 35 patients with tuberculous peritonitis notified in Kandy (Sri Lanka) over a 6-year period has been reviewed. The maximum incidence occurred in the age group 21 to 40 years and the female/male ratio was 3:2. Clinical features were non-specific and the main presenting features were fever (68.5%), abdominal pain (65.7%), abdominal(More)
Five cases are reported of tuberculous patients who presented with hemiplegia as the initial symptom of their illness. In three patients the paralysis improved rapidly and completely with institution of antituberculous treatment. One case which came to necropsy revealed that the cause of the hemiplegia was a tuberculoma situated in the internal capsule.
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