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The contemporary manufacturing organisations are forced to adopt advanced manufacturing paradigms for sustaining in the global markets. Supply chain management is an essential ingredient of advanced manufacturing systems since outsourcing gains vital importance. Supplier selection is a vital issue concerned in the process of managing global supply chains. A(More)
Iatrogenically-induced dystrophic calcification in the maxillofacial region is a rare entity. We report an unusual case of iatrogenically induced dystrophic calcification due to an incompletely removed polypropylene, a nonresorbable suture material. A calcified mass was discovered in an 11-year-old boy who also had previous history of multiple surgeries for(More)
  • component Manjunatheshwara, S. Vinodh, Vimal KEK
  • 2014
With a motto to introduce concept of remanufacturing in a component manufacturing industry against the belief that remanufacturing is not implementable in such industries, an attempt has been made to modify a component design such that the product is transformedinto assembly of parts and thus facilitating remanufacturing. A case study was conducted in an(More)
<b><i>"Technology does not drive change, it enables change."</i></b> The primary purpose of Technology is its implementation in day-today life wherein it could enhance the lifestyle as well as provide better safety and performance to its end users. The government has enforced stringent laws against usage of mobile phones while driving a vehicle. Yet, there(More)
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