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Keywords: Supply chain management Supplier selection Analytic network process Fuzzy analytic network process Sensitivity analysis a b s t r a c t The contemporary manufacturing organisations are forced to adopt advanced manufacturing paradigms for sustaining in the global markets. Supply chain management is an essential ingredient of advanced manufacturing(More)
The success of the endodontic treatment depends on the microbial suppression in the root canal and periapical region. Endodontic instrumentation alone cannot achieve a sterile condition. With the advent of non-instrumentation endodontic treatment and lesion sterilization and tissue repair, local application of antibiotics has been investigated. Triple(More)
AIM The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of dental caries in primary teeth among 4-6 years old school going children in the Namakkal District. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study covered a total of 850 school going children in a total of 26 schools in the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu. The age group selected for this study ranged from 4 to 6(More)
The completion of root development and closure of the apex occurs up to 3 years after the eruption of the tooth. The treatment of pulpal injury during this period provides a significant challenge for the clinician. The importance of careful case assessment and accurate pulpal diagnosis in the treatment of immature teeth with pulpal injury cannot be(More)
A syndrome is a medical condition that is characterized by a particular group of signs and symptoms, involving several organ systems. Oligodontia is defined as the developmental absence of six teeth or more, excluding third molars. Oligodontia can be classified as syndromic or nonsyndromic. Nonsyndrome oligodontia is a developmental dental anomaly without(More)
With a motto to introduce concept of remanufacturing in a component manufacturing industry against the belief that remanufacturing is not implementable in such industries, an attempt has been made to modify a component design such that the product is transformedinto assembly of parts and thus facilitating remanufacturing. A case study was conducted in an(More)
<b><i>"Technology does not drive change, it enables change."</i></b> The primary purpose of Technology is its implementation in day-today life wherein it could enhance the lifestyle as well as provide better safety and performance to its end users. The government has enforced stringent laws against usage of mobile phones while driving a vehicle. Yet, there(More)