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The history of medical physics in Asia-Oceania goes back to the late nineteenth century when X-ray imaging was introduced, although medical physicists were not appointed until much later. Medical physics developed very quickly in some countries, but in others the socio-economic situation as such prevented it being established for many years. In others, the(More)
W. H. Round • S. Jafari • T. Kron • H. A. Azhari • S. Chhom • Y. Hu • G. F. Mauldon • K. Y. Cheung • T. Kuppusamy • S. A. Pawiro • L. E. Lubis • D. S. Soejoko • F. Haryanto • M. Endo • Y. Han • T. S. Suh • K. H. Ng • A. Luvsan-Ish • S. O. Maung • P. P. Chaurasia • S. M. A. Jafri • S. Farrukh • A. Peralta • H. J. Toh • S. Sarasanandarajah • A. C. Shiau • A.(More)
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