S. Viktor Varga

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AIMS To evaluate a recently developed digital slide and virtual microscope system, and to compare this method with optical microscopy on routine gastrointestinal biopsy specimens in both local and remote access modes. METHODS A fully computer controlled commercial microscope was used. The scanning program included object detection, autofocus, and image(More)
In recent years, the number of cases of disease caused by canine parvovirus 2 (CPV-2) in vaccinated dogs has increased. The aim of the present study was to identify CPV-2 strains present in Hungary. Forty-two out of 50 faecal specimens examined were positive, and 25 VP2 sequences were determined and analysed. Based on the current classification, the(More)
Meanwhile distributed and parallel computing has been used for medical research applications, the most recent multi-core computer architectures bring along the opportunity to adapt these paradigms to the applied medical solutions as well, thus significantly enhancing their usability. We have ported an already implemented 3D image registration algorithm to(More)
The role of preoperative intrauterine brachytherapy (BT) in the multidisciplinary treatment of early stage cervical carcinoma (ESCC) is controversial. In 2005, a prospective randomized multicenter study was initiated in Hungary in order to explore the potential advantages of preoperative high-dose-rate (HDR) BT. In this article we evaluate the efficiency of(More)
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