S. Vijay Ram

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This paper addresses the problem of how to select the optimal number of sensors and how to determine their placement in a given monitored area for multimedia surveillance systems. We propose to solve this problem by obtaining a novel performance metric in terms of a probability measure for accomplishing the task as a function of set of sensors and their(More)
In this work, we are considering the acknowledgement implosion problem at the intermediate routers in a reliable multicast scenario. In this kind of multicasting, the server expects all the clients to give acknowledgements. Thus when all the clients give acknowledgements the overhead on the server can increase. We are presenting a solution to this problem(More)
In any network both wired or wireless network transmutation of data from source to destination is vital and it is also important that has to be transmuted in less time. In wired network it is not a problem because it is connection oriented and high bandwidth is available. But in wireless network it is crucial to select a path which is lossless and minimize(More)
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