S. Vigneshwaran

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We explore the use of a participatory sensing paradigm, where data generated from individual smartphones is used to extract and understand collective properties of temporary public gatherings and events (e.g., concerts & conferences). We focus on the use of this paradigm at a technical conference, and describe the design, implementation and deployment of(More)
A biometric system is a computer based system a n d is used to identify the person on their behavioral and logical characteristics such as (for example fingerprint, face, iris, keystroke, signature, voice, etc.).A typical biometric system consists of feature extraction and matching patterns. But nowadays biometric systems are attacked by using fake(More)
— This paper describes the vehicle slip controller by means of ABS (Antilock Braking System) with an aid of CAN (Controller Area Network) bus and a simulations in MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory). The program in a M-file processes the system. The wheel and Vehicle dynamics are been given to the controllers where the processing is done. The filter filters the(More)
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