S. Vigneshwaran

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Reducing the power consumed by the device is the emerging trend. The aim of this project is to reduce the leakage current of the circuit by using the Sub Clocking technology. It is the process of switching the circuit by means of partially ON to reduce the power consumption. In this paper there are two modes of operation are implemented.1. Half mode(More)
A biometric system is a computer based system a n d is used to identify the person on their behavioral and logical characteristics such as (for example fingerprint, face, iris, keystroke, signature, voice, etc.).A typical biometric system consists of feature extraction and matching patterns. But nowadays biometric systems are attacked by using fake(More)
Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) has recently emerged as a fast classifier giving good performance. Circular–Complex extreme learning machine (CC-ELM) is recently proposed complex variant of ELM which has fully complex activation function. It has been shown that CC-ELM outperforms real valued and other complex valued classifiers. In both CCELM & ELM(More)
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