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AIMS It is common for refraction to be measured using different testing methods in children, with much debate still ongoing on the preferred method. Therefore, we compared cycloplegic refraction measurements using three objective methods in a large cohort of children. METHODS We present the findings from a total of 51 children who were recruited and(More)
Correct and precise identification of mosquito vectors is important in many respects including development of vector control strategies. Conventional identification methods have limitations for sibling and closely related species of mosquitoes, stage and quality of the specimen used and this could be overcome by DNA-based identification methods using(More)
As original tribal ways of living have morphed from a forest dweller existence, dengue is no longer an urban infection but is now also found in rural hilly areas. The spread of dengue is enhanced by the frequent movement of people to endemic areas where there is a vector mosquito presence. The impact of the virus is known to be great in the immunologically(More)
mosquito-borne encephalitic flavivirus of rural eastern, southeastern and southern Asia. Outbreaks of JE have occurred in many states in India1. An explosive insular outbreak of meningoencephalitis, mainly in children, occurred during early 1996 in the Kuttanad area of Alappuzha district, Kerala2. During the outbreak in May 2011, 24 cases were recorded(More)
Following a report of dengue outbreak from January 2010 to 2012 in the Tirunelveli, Theni, Dharmapuri and Thiruvallur districts of Tamil Nadu state, India, an investigation was carried out. The study was to demonstrate the probable presence of Chikungunya viral antibodies in patients clinically suspected of dengue fever. Out of 331 samples analysed, dengue(More)
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