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PURPOSE To evaluate visual improvement in an age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) population with bilateral central scotomas, after a 3- to 6-month prismatic treatment. PATIENTS AND METHODS Prisms prescribed for both eyes were oriented according to eccentric fixation. Criteria were visual acuity (VA), reading ability, contrast sensitivity subjective(More)
PURPOSE To demonstrate the rehabilitation benefit and immediate optical magnification and electronic equipment advantage in an age-related macular degeneration population with retrofoveal choroidal new-vessels treated by photodynamic therapy using Visudyne. PATIENTS AND METHODS Sixty seven consecutive patients with retrofoveal choroidal new-vessels(More)
The presence of a DVD makes the ocular motility examination complicate but it is a valuable sign for the clinician as it is noticed essentially in infantile early onset strabismus with latent nystagmus. It is fundamental not to confuse it with an hyperaction of the inferior oblique. It requires a surgical treatment: a recession of superior recti.
The clinical study of abduction can be completed by the electro-oculographic recording of saccades with stop on for each saccade with back movement. Several deficits of abduction are studied: Vlth nerve palsy, unilateral or bilateral Stilling-Duane syndrome, Vlth nerve pseudo-palsy in child esotropia with manifest-latent nystagmus. The diagrams show the(More)
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