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In this paper we present a new approach for network intrusion detection based on concise specifications that characterize normal and abnormal network packet sequences. Our specification language is geared for a robust network intrusion detection by enforcing a strict type discipline via a combination of static and dynamic type checking. Unlike most previous(More)
IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol is standard for wireless local area networks (LANs), and has also been implemented in many network simulations for wireless multichannel ad hoc networks. However, it is well known that, as the number of active channel increases, the performance of IEEE 802.11 MAC in terms of delay and throughput is decreased especially when each(More)
In this work an Auto Guided Vehicles (AGV) scheduling and routing problem is considered with maximal and minimal time lags along with heterogeneous characteristics. A framework with dynamic flow control has been proposed for the execution of events dedicated to a fleet of AGVs. The proposed framework allows the setting up for missions which are defined by a(More)
With the popularization of Internet, the wireless technologies provide remarkable impact on Internet and Communication Technologies. These technologies have support a technique known as Adhoc Network Ad hoc network is a network formed without any fixed substructure or centralized administration, which consists of mobile nodes that are connected via wireless(More)
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