S. Venkatraman

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Techniques for locating wireless subscribers for E-911 emergency services must meet the stringent accuracy requirements set by the FCC. In non-line-of-sight propagation conditions, large measurement errors with unknown statistics cause standard location schemes to perform poorly. In these challenging environments, it is necessary to develop methods that can(More)
With the ever increasing amount and variety of data to be stored and transmitted in various mediums, the specification of security which has to be established at various levels of medium access and the accompanying issues of authentication and authorization has become a critical factor. Various steganographic, watermarking and data-embedding algorithms have(More)
In this paper we present a method of parallelizing test generation for combinational logic using boolean satisjiability. We propose a dynamic search-space allocation strategy to split work between the available processors. This strategy is easy to implement with a greedy heuristic and is economical in its demand for inter-processor communication. We derive(More)
This thesis work focuses on innovative design of media access control (MAC) protocols in wireless sensor networks (WNSs). The characteristics of the WSN inquire that the network ser­ vice design considers both energy efficiency and the associated application requirement. How­ ever, most existing protocols address only the issue of energy efficiency. In this(More)
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