S. Vassileva

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BACKGROUND There have been reports suggesting the involvement of environmental factors in the disease process of pemphigus. Factors suggested include exposure to pesticides or certain drugs. OBJECTIVE To analyze the association of pemphigus with environmental exposure to various agents, including smoking, recreational and occupational insults, drugs, and(More)
BACKGROUND Pemphigus is a disease showing an uneven geographical distribution. In Bulgaria pemphigus has always represented a substantial part of diagnosed bullous diseases, but previous epidemiological data are incomplete. Our purpose was to evaluate retrospectively the incidence and prevalence of pemphigus in the district of Sofia (the capital of(More)
The studied problem is of commercial interest because whey, the cultivation substrate, is a waste by-product from the transformation of milk into cheese and casein. Investigations on the influence of the dilution rate (D) on the bioproductivity of lactose-utilizing yeasts were carried out with two model strains--the oxidative strain Candida blankii 35 and(More)
A 16-year-old girl initially had an eruption consisting of dark gray, flat, pin-sized, confluent papules with a slight hyperkeratotic surface. The lesions appeared after her summer holidays and were restricted to the tanned skin of sun-exposed areas, mainly the abdomen and back. Clinical and histologic findings were consistent with confluent and reticulated(More)
Innovative magnetorheological dampers (MR dampers) for shock and vibration damping, based on magnetorheological fluids (MRFs), are described. Important fields of their application are loading processes, impact dampers in security systems as well as vibration dampers for machines and cars. Various models for describing the MR dampers are discussed. The(More)
The special Issue “Modeling and Control of Integrated Bio-systems” appears in time of ubiquitous human connection by Internet technologies in popular social and professional nets, Google, Wikipedia, and many others. Their principles of function are connected with the terms like “collective or collaborative intelligence”, “symbol intelligence”, "quorum(More)
A fuzzy expert system was applied to the knowledge analysis of yeast physiology in the early stage of beer fermentation, when the wort was aerated. We used ergosterol and glycogen concentration in the wort as a suitable marker of physiological state of the cell population. The amount of both compounds influences the rate of fermentation, cell growth and the(More)