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The special Issue " Modeling and Control of Integrated Bio-systems " appears in time of ubiquitous human connection by Internet technologies in popular social and professional nets, Google, Wikipedia, and many others. Their principles of function are connected with the terms like " collective or collaborative intelligence " , " symbol intelligence " ,(More)
Innovative magnetorheological dampers (MR dampers) for shock and vibration damping, based on magnetorheological fluids (MRFs), are described. Important fields of their application are loading processes, impact dampers in security systems as well as vibration dampers for machines and cars. Various models for describing the MR dampers are discussed. The(More)
This paper describes a research on the relationship between usability and acceptability of user interfaces. The objective is to investigate which usability criteria are more important for positive user's attitude and how acceptability influences the usability components (effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction). The investigation includes measurements of(More)
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