S. Vasheghani Farahani

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Aims. The theoretical model for magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) modes guided by a field-aligned plasma cylinder with a steady flow is adapted to interpret transverse waves observed in solar coronal hot jets, discovered with Hinode/XRT in terms of fast magnetoacoustic kink modes. Methods. Dispersion relations for linear magnetoacoustic perturbations of a plasma(More)
Aims. We consider the effects of the magnetic twist and plasma rotation on the propagation of torsional m = 0 perturbations of cylindrical plasma structures (straight magnetic flux tubes) in the case when the wavelength is much longer than the cylinder diameter. Methods. The second order thin flux tube approximation is used to derive dispersion relations(More)
Aims. We investigate the interaction of nonlinear fast magnetoacoustic waves with a magnetic null point in connection with the triggering of solar flares. Methods. We model the propagation of fast, initially axisymmetric waves towards a two-dimensional isothermal magnetic null point in terms of ideal magnetohydrodynamic equations. The numerical simulations(More)
In order to facilitate the development of next-generation display devices or modern solar cells, material performance is critically important. A combination of high transparency in the optical spectral range and high electrical conductivity under ambient conditions is attractive, if not crucial, for many applications. While the doping-induced presence of(More)
In the context of network dynamics, the complexity of systems increases possible evolutionary paths that often are not deterministic. Occasionally, some map routs form over the course of time which guide systems towards some particular states. The main intention of this study is to discover an indicator that can help predict these pseudo-deterministic paths(More)
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