S V Tarasenko

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Seventy patients aged 20 to 75 years with suspected parotid gland disease were examined to study the capabilities of an ultrasound study in the diagnosis of neoplasms of the major salivary glands. B-mode ultrasonography and color Doppler imaging presented a means of detecting the presence of masses in the gland, their topography and dimensions, and specific(More)
The novel method of the invagination colic anastomosis was suggested and experimentally approved. The results of surgical treatment with the use of the anastomosis in 23 patients were analyzed. The thorough and all-sided analysis permitted to state that the novel way of ileo-colic and colo-colic anastomosis was effective and safe for the surgical treatment(More)
Results of surgical treatment of 89 patients with ulcer of the duodenum with postbulbar localization were studied. A classification of postbulbar ulcers was proposed taking into consideration the degree of involvement of bile-excreting pathways and major duodenal papilla into the periulcerous process. In extrapapillary ulcers without involvement of(More)
Lipid peroxidation of cell membranes and liquid media of the organism were studied in 54 diabetics with the cholestatic syndrome, and fundamentals of antioxidant therapy of this cohort of patients discussed. The predominant efficacy of bio-oxidants has been revealed. The mechanism of their action is realized primarily at the stages of initiation and(More)
Mobile health technologies improve the quality of health care service. The information and communication technology is developed and applied to remind patients with arterial hypertension to follow medical recommendations. The feedback system from general practitioners was developed (the reminder system for patients sending the feedbacks). It helped to(More)