S V Seryĭ

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Exposure of an organism to ionizing radiation causes a drastic decrease of immunity and nonspecific resistance as well an impairment of haemopoiesis. Peptide preparations from the thymus and bone marrow normalize the immunological reactivity and haemopoiesis of irradiated animals. Their mixture favors the recovery of haemopoiesis and immunogenesis after(More)
Biochemical and immunological indexes of peripheral blood were compiled in military sanatorium "Divnomorskoe" in seamen who have suffered from general supercooling in the result of "Komsomolets" atomic submarine breakdown. The patients had the symptoms of metabolic disturbance, immunodepression, a great concentration of proteins in acute phase and activity(More)
The correction of radiation-induced immunodeficiency and hematopoiesis depression in clinical setting (100 patients) and in experiments (160 animals) by peptide preparations of the thymus and bone marrow (thymalin, hemalin, thymogemine and synthetic thymalin analog thymogen) has been studied. Administration of the bone marrow and thymus recovery of damage(More)
Monoclonal antibodies were used to study the T and B immunity systems in 60 alcoholic patients suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis. The patients with that combined pathology demonstrated marked immunodeficiency as regards the T system and an increase of humoral immunity. It is assumed that one of the main causes of immunodeficiency lies in the blockade of(More)
The effects of thymic peptide (thymalin), bone marrow peptide (haemalin) and a complex compound (thymohaemin) on the haematopoiesis and immunity were studied in the experimental model of the induced haematopoiesis depression. Lymphopoiesis stimulation in the bone marrow was provoked by thymalin and granulopoiesis stimulation by haemalin. Simultaneously the(More)
Thymogen, a new immunomodulating drug made in this country, was used in combined therapy of 46 patients with acute endomyometritis, exacerbations of chronic salpingo-oophoritis, purulent tubo-ovarian formations. Thymogen therapy was conducive to normalization of lymphocyte counts, absolute counts of T and B lymphocytes, increase of T lymphocyte functional(More)