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Increasing popularity and availability of portable wireless devices, which constitute mobile ad hoc networks, calls for scalable ad hoc routing protocols. On-demand routing protocols adapt well with dynamic topologies of ad hoc networks, because of their lower control overhead and quick response to route breaks. But, as the size of the network increases,(More)
This paper addresses the key issue of providing flexible multimedia presentation with user participation and suggests synchronization models which can specify the user participation during the presentation. One approach that has been suggested by [4] is the Object Composition Petri Nets (OCPN). OCPN is an augmented model of Petri nets with logic of time(More)
In the age of multimedia and high-speed networks, multicast is one of the mechanisms by which the power of the Internet can be further harnessed in an efficient manner. When more than one receiver is interested in receiving a transmission from a single or a set of senders, multicast is the most efficient and viable mechanism. In the protocol stack of the(More)
BACKGROUND Nitrous oxide is a commonly used anesthetic that inhibits the activity of methionine synthase, an enzyme involved in methylation reactions and DNA synthesis and repair. This inhibition triggers vacuole formation and degeneration of neurons in areas of the developing and mature brain that are important for spatial memory, raising the possibility(More)
Polypharmacy is common in drug prescriptions of chronic kidney disease patients. A study of the prescription patterns of drugs with potential interactions would be of interest to prevent drug related adverse events. A prospective observational study of six months (Dec 2009-May 2010) was carried out among the chronic kidney disease patients admitted to the(More)
Abst?act-Multimedia applications comprise several media streams, which are semantically synchronized at different time instants. The application kehavior is stored along with the multimedia database using representation mechanisms such as OCPN (object composition Petri nets) or dynamic timed Petri nets (DTPN). It is imperative that one translates the(More)