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This paper addresses the key issue of providingflexible multimedia presentation with user participation and suggests synchronization models that can specify the user participation during the presentation. We study models like the Petrinet-based hypertext model and the object composition Petri nets (OCPN). We suggest adynamic timed Petri nets structure that(More)
Increasing popularity and availability of portable wireless devices, which constitute mobile ad hoc networks, calls for scalable ad hoc routing protocols. On-demand routing protocols adapt well with dynamic topologies of ad hoc networks, because of their lower control overhead and quick response to route breaks. But, as the size of the network increases,(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Non-invasive and non-ionizing medical imaging techniques are safe as these can be repeatedly used on as individual and are applicable across all age groups. Breast thermography is a non-invasive and non-ionizing medical imaging that can be potentially used in breast cancer detection and diagnosis. In this study, we used breast(More)
Authenticating a user online, without compromising the user comfort is an important issue. The most popular approach to authenticate a user online is Password-based authentication. Studies show that, users (always) choose very simple passwords which are often easy to guess. On the contrary, randomly generated strings are difficult to remember, especially if(More)
Work-ahead smoothing is a technique whereby a server, transmitting stored compressed video to a client, utilizes client buffer space to reduce the rate variability of the transmitted stream. The technique requires the server to compute a schedule of transfer under the constraints that the client buffer neither overflows nor underflows. Recent work(More)
The concept of Virtual Paths (VP) is a powerful technique to improve the transmission eeciency in ATM networks. Transmission ef-ciency can be improved by dynamically changing the bandwidths of the VPs, based on the demand. Intelligent controllers, which predict bandwidth-demand patterns to enable better VP management, have the potential to revolutionize ATM(More)
Any performance evaluation study requires a concise description of the workload under which the performance of the system is to be evaluated. Also, the repeatability of the experiments for different workload profiles, requires that the workload models generate the workload profiles parametrically. Such a model, should preferably be time-invariant,(More)
Maximizing bandwidth utilization and providing performance guarantees, in the context of multimedia networking, are two incompatible goals. Heterogeneity of the multimedia sources calls for eeective traac control schemes to satisfy their diverse Quality of Service(QoS) requirements. These include admission control at connection set up, traac control at the(More)