S V Pakhovchishin

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Several series of fumed silicas and mixed fumed oxides produced and treated under different conditions were studied in gaseous and liquid media using nitrogen and water adsorption-desorption, mass spectrometry, FTIR, NMR, thermally stimulated depolarization current (TSDC), photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS), zeta potential, potentiometric titration, and(More)
A variety of fumed oxides such as silica, alumina, titania, silica/alumina (SA), silica/titania (ST), and alumina/silica/titania (AST) were characterized. These oxides have different specific surface areas and different primary particle composition in the bulk and at the surface. These materials were studied by FTIR, NMR, Auger electron spectroscopy,(More)
A new technique of calculation of a distribution function of activation energy (f(E)) of shear viscosity based on a regularization procedure applied to the Fredholm integral equation of the first kind has been developed using the Baxter-Drayton and Brady model for concentrated and flocculated suspensions. This technique has been applied to the rheological(More)
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