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Transmission electron microscopy of indium gallium nitride nanorods grown by molecular beam epitaxy. General rights This document is made available in accordance with publisher policies. Please cite only the published version using the reference above. Full terms of use are available: Explore Bristol Research is a digital archive and the intention is that(More)
Graphene grown by high temperature molecular beam epitaxy on hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) forms continuous domains with dimensions of order 20 μm, and exhibits moiré patterns with large periodicities, up to ~30 nm, indicating that the layers are highly strained. Topological defects in the moiré patterns are observed and attributed to the relaxation of(More)
Through nonequilibrium low-temperature molecular beam epitaxy, we have grown GaN 1−x Bi x alloys on sapphire substrates with x up to 0.11. The GaN 1−x Bi x alloys are found to be amorphous with GaN crystals distributed throughout the film. A dramatic reduction in the optical band gap from 3.4 eV in GaN to as low as 1.2 eV for x ϳ 0.11 was qualitatively(More)
Mathematical modelling is attempted to prognosticate occupational hypoacusis by Robinson's formula, 1999 International standard (1990), first-hand experience gained in hearing control in subjects occupationally exposed to noise and domestic expert criteria of hearing loss quantitation. Factors of risk to develop hypoacusis in noisy environment were put to(More)
In this work, photomodulated transmittance (PT) has been applied to investigate the energy gap of GaBiAs layers grown on (0 0 1) and (3 11)B GaAs substrates. In PT spectra, a clear resonance has been observed below the GaAs edge. This resonance has been attributed to the energy gap-related absorption in GaBiAs. The energy and broadening of PT resonances(More)
We demonstrate direct epitaxial growth of high-quality hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) layers on graphite using high-temperature plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy. Atomic force microscopy reveals mono- and few-layer island growth, while conducting atomic force microscopy shows that the grown hBN has a resistance which increases exponentially with the(More)
The paper is devoted to the integration of the compiler based on the LLVM library with the tools created using the Universal Translation Library (UTL)—automatic parallelizer and vectorizer. The intermediate representations used in the libraries to be integrated are analyzed and compared. Mechanisms which had to be implemented for integration are described.(More)
Thin films of GaNBi alloys with up to 12.5 at.% Bi were grown on sapphire using low-temperature molecular beam epitaxy. The low growth temperature and incorporation of Bi resulted in a morphology of nanocrystallites embedded in an amorphous matrix. The composition and optical absorption shift were found to depend strongly on the III:V ratio controlled by(More)
The following statement has been omitted from the ' Additional Information' section of the HTML version of this Article: " Data Availability: The images and spectra on which this paper is based may be publicly accessed and are stored at 10.17639/nott.35 ". This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The images or(More)