S.V. Novikov

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IBPOWER is a Project awarded under the 7th European Framework Programme that aims to advance research on intermediate band solar cells (IBSCs). These are solar cells conceived to absorb below bandgap energy photons by means of an electronic energy band that is located within the semiconductor bandgap, whilst producing photocurrent with output voltage still(More)
GaN grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) has been studied extensively during the last decade. Because molecular nitrogen is too inert to be used in MBE growth, two different approaches have been used to provide active nitrogen, plasma-assisted MBE (PA-MBE) and ammonia-MBE. We have shown that PA-MBE using an RF plasma source can produce high quality AlN,(More)
The conductivity of GaMnN layer grown on thick undoped GaN layers analyzed by electrical characterization is reported here. The GaMnN conductivity grown on thick undoped GaN layers were found to be n-type, whereas the GaMnN conductivity on thin undoped GaN is found to be p-type. One possible explanation could be the relaxed strain associated with the(More)
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