S V N Anuradha

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CONTEXT With the continuing rise in the number of immunocompromised patients, the incidence of invasive mycoses has increased. Various studies have reported the trends of fungal infections in autopsies. Because of limitations in antemortem clinical diagnosis owing to lack of sensitive diagnostic tools, information regarding frequency and pathogenesis of(More)
668 defined, hemispherical, nontender, noncompressible, boggy swelling, abutting the lower margin of the plaque. A few satellite, hyperpigmented papules were present over the thighs in the periphery of the main lesion. The patient denied any history of bleeding or ulceration of the plaque. There was no evidence of sweating or excessive growth of lanugo hair(More)
CONTEXT Fibrosis is universally accepted as a poor prognostic finding in renal pathology. Semi-quantitative assessment is widely used for prognostication in pathology. AIMS We propose a semi-quantitative method to prognosticate primary nonproliferative glomerular diseases. SETTINGS AND DESIGN A semi-quantitative method based on Banff schema, 97(More)
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