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The association of insulin detemir with non-esterified fatty acid binding sites on albumin may limit its transfer from the circulation into the extravascular extracellular space in adipose tissue and muscle, due to the capillary endothelial cell barrier. In the liver, the open sinusoids may expose hepatocytes to insulin detemir, enabling it to have a(More)
The treatment of diabetes was revolutionised shortly after the turn of the twentieth century by the extraction and purification of insulin. Methods to protract (i.e. prolong) the action of insulin were developed in the 1930s; little changed in the technology of insulin protraction until the turn of this century when, with renewed interest in the importance(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether the introduction of a management of raised glucose clinical decision tool could improve assessment of patients with hyperglycaemia by non-specialist physicians, leading to early discharge and improved quality of inpatient care. METHODS Participants were adults aged 18 years or over presenting to the Medical Assessment Unit with(More)
Patients with diabetes are at increased risk of mortality and morbidity from micro- and macrovascular complications (1, 2). Landmark studies in type 1 and 2 diabetes have clearly shown that improved glycemic control leads to better outcomes (3-6). With the introduction of the General Medical Service contract, the England and Wales National Service(More)
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