S V L G Naidu

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Most renal cell carcinomas recur or metastasize within 2 years. We present a 62-year-old lady with metastatic renal cell carcinoma in the spine, 31 years following nephrectomy of the primary tumor. This is the longest interval between diagnosis of primary renal cell carcinoma and metastasis reported in the literature.
PURPOSE To predict healing of the stump by assessing the microscopic vascular changes at the amputation site. METHODS A cohort study was conducted on 39 patients, 18 of them had below-knee amputation (group A) and 21 had ray amputation of a single toe (group B). Biopsies were taken from the anterior and posterior tibial arteries and the venae comitantes(More)
Mean survival after diagnosis of unresectable pulmonary metastases is less than one year. Isolated lung perfusion (ILP) is a technique that delivers chemotherapy into the pulmonary artery via a thoracotomy. Human trials are limited. We report an animal model for endovascular lung perfusion (ELP). Twelve swine were used. Treatment swine (N=6) received 150-mg(More)
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