S. V. Kolesov

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The examination of 20 patients with abnormal cervical spine has identified Klippel-Feil disease in 12 of them, isolated vertebral synostoses of the cervical spine in 8. In 2 patients with Klippel-Feil anomaly neurovascular syndrome was reported which resulted from compression of the neurovascular bundle by extra cervical ribs. Indications to surgical(More)
The paper deals with intracranial hypertension in children and adolescents. Thirty-six patients with the upper cervical dysplasia and identified associated intracranial hypertension were examined. Magnetic resonance imaging and functional tests were used. Some patients were diagnosed as having a thickened ligamentous apparatus at the level of(More)
Copolymers of N,N-diallyl-N,N-dimethylammonium chloride with sulfur dioxide, maleic acid, and vinylacetate were synthesized by radical polymerization. Their biological properties were studied. It was established that the obtained copolymers belonged to class IV low-toxicity substances and exhibited pronounced antimicrobial activity with respect to some(More)
The preparation and modification of enzyme-containing chitosan films were studied. Some features of the interaction of chitosan with proteolytic enzymes - trypsin, collagenase, and pepsin - were studied. Conditions were selected for the modification of enzyme-containing chitosan films. These films may be suitable for the treatment of purulent and necrotic(More)
Twenty-seven myeloscintigraphic examinations were carried out in 24 patients aged 6 to 66 with various diseases and involvements of the spine. Seven patients suffered from scoliosis complicated by neurologic symptoms, 2 from compression fractures of the L2 vertebra, 1 from a benign tumor of the spinal cord, 13 from various dislocations of the upper cervical(More)
Altogether 40 children and adolescents were investigated after injuries of the upper cervical spine using radiograms through the open mouth, functional radiograms of the cervical spine, and functional CT. Various injuries of the ligamentous apparatus of the upper cervical spine were revealed in 31 patients.
The paper deals with the use of a halo-apparatus in lesions and diseases of the cervical vertebra. The halo-apparatus was used in 70 patients. It was most commonly employed in lesions of the upper cervical vertebra, such as fractures of the odontoid process and C2 vertebral arches. Analyzing the clinical findings showed halo-traction to be highly effective.