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—In this paper, a novel index is introduced for static and dynamic eccentricity fault diagnosis in permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs). The proposed index is a linear combination of the energy, shape factor, peak, head angle of the peak, area below the peak, gradient of the peak of the detail signals in wavelet decomposition, and coefficients of the(More)
OBJECTIVE The evidence for the effects of blood exchange transfusion on selenium (Se) in newborn infants is unknown. This study was conducted to determine the possible effects of blood exchange transfusion on Se by comparing the Se blood concentrations before and after exchange transfusion in jaundiced neonates. METHODS A total of 30 jaundiced term(More)
OBJECTIVE Relatively little is known about the trace elements content of human milk from different countries. This has not been fully investigated especially among Iranian women. This study aimed to assess the concentration of Rubidium (Rb) as a poisonous trace element in transitional breast milk of lactating mothers living in Mashhad. METHODS Forty(More)
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