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The activity of natural killers (NK) for K-562 target cells (human myeloleukemia cells) was determined in 20 patients with influenza complicated with pneumonia and in 11 patients with uncomplicated influenza. The influence of the autologous blood serum and recombinant alpha 2-interferon (reaferon) on NK activity was studied in vitro. In uncomplicated(More)
The effect of mesodiencephalic modulation (MDM) on peripheral blood immunocompetent cells during a mixed viral/bacterial infection was studied in 10 patients aged 15 to 35 suffering from acute respiratory diseases complicated by lacunar tonsillitis. Control group consisted of 10 patients aged 16 to 42. A course of MDM consisted of 4-5 daily 10-min sessions.(More)
The results of combined therapy of patients with influenza complicated with pneumonia using levamisole (decaris) as an interferon inducer are presented. The study group included 39 subjects, the control 35. The group of patients receiving the drug showed in the convalescent period a higher titre of the antiviral activity of serum interferon (1 : 24) than(More)
Authors took clinical case of primary surgical reconstruction in total eyelid avulsion as an example to discuss possible mistakes of surgical technique and implant choice. Besides, prognosis for different eyelid tissues retention in total eyelid avulsion and subsequent reconstruction are analyzed. Laser Doppler flowmetry is a method for dynamic evaluation(More)
The paper describes pathogenesis of posttraumatic or postoperative lower lid retraction and selective approach for its correction. Temporary lid retraction caused by edema, massive hematoma or scar tissue traction should be managed conservatively by means of modern physiotherapy and cosmetic techniques. Permanent retraction requires combination of several(More)
To improve the predictability of facial soft tissues fat grafting results tissue thickness dynamics before and 1 year postoperatively was assessed by means of ultrasonic method in 58 patients under standardized position of the ultrasonic transducer, physical and technical scanning conditions. The study revealed direct correlation of soft tissues thickness(More)
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the influence produced by viral proteins in the hepatic cells and RNA of hepatitis C virus (HCV) on the indices of T- and B-cell response in 52 patients with chronic hepatitis C (CHC). A relative count of peripheral-blood lymphocytes (PBL), expressing antigens CD3+, CD4+, CD8+, CD16+, CD20+ and CD95+ was(More)
Thymotropic hormone was given subcutaneously in a dose of 100 mg twice a week for 3 months to 10 women with verified chronic cytomegalovirus infection. After termination of the treatment, in 8 women the virus excretion was decreased and this was accompanied with some improvement in immunological parameters: increased activity of natural killers, enhanced(More)