S. V. Gorbacheva

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Modeling of the acute impairment of cerebral blood flow was associated with disturbance of the thiol-disulfide balance, a decrease in NO-synthase activity, and an increase in the nitrotyrosine content, indicating the development of oxidative and nitrosative stress in brain tissue. Administration of thiotriazoline or α-lipoic acid resulted in the optimal(More)
Modeling of cerebral circulation disorder by bilateral occlusion of carotids was accompanied by formation of severe neurological symptoms and their preservation for up to 18 days of the experiment. We found a significant decrease in the level of the HSP70 heat shock protein and the formation of persistent mitochondrial dysfunction. Administration of(More)
The administration of thiotriazoline, emoxypine and magnelong (a combined glycine-magnesium preparation) to animals with acute cerebral circulatory insufficiency showed significant neuroprotective effect in both acute and late ischemic periods, as indicated by the indices of cell density and number and the characteristics of apoptic and destructed neurons(More)
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