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Amylin belongs to the calcitonin peptide family. Amylin is a peptide synthesized not only in the beta cells of pancreatic islets, but in small quantities also in other organs like in the intestinal and gastric mucosa, lungs and central nervous system. It is located in the same secretory granules as insulin. Amylin participates in the maintenance of glucose(More)
Basic anatomophysiological evidence underlying sense of taste, main causes of taste disorders, guides for practitioners how to detect these disorders and differentiate them with physicians of allied specialities, make prognosis and design policy of the disease treatment are reviewed.
In the article there are presented data on the high prevalence of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection in Russia and its consequences, including the development of gastric cancer. There is presented the evidence of possible transmission of H. pylori with water previously underestimated. There is substantiated the necessity of preventing infection,(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY On the available reports to assess the possibility of the infection with pyloric Helicobacter (H.pylori) from external sources--via contaminated food and water. BASIC CONCEPTS: H. pylori was established to be unable to multiply in dairy and other products, but under favorable conditions, can survive in the limited time. There are obtained(More)
The specific features of itch in various systemic diseases are presented. A great variety of its possible mechanisms are shown in some systemic diseases. The basic principles of determination of the causes of itch and its treatment are given.
The purpose of review: analysis of the available in the literature data about the possible kinds and pathways of transmission of pyloric Helicobacter infection from person to person. Knowledge of these data is necessary for its prevention. Subjects--available literature, mainly English-language articles. There were separated two modes of transmission of(More)