S V Chebotareva

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Different batches of the same preparation manufactured at the same enterprise, or at different enterprises, in accordance with the same manufacturing regulations have been found to be capable of producing a damaging effect of different intensity on the continuous cell culture L132. The titers vary, according to their cytotoxic effect, from 1 : 32 to 1(More)
To decrease the antigenic load in booster immunizations of children against diphtheria and tetanus, the immunological effectiveness and reactogenicity of different doses of both antigens (i. e 1 Lf and 1 BU; 2.5 Lf and 2.5 BU; 5 Lf and 5 BU) were studied. The study revealed that all these doses of the preparation were practically nonreactogenic: the total(More)
The immunological effectiveness of two batches of adsorbed DPT vaccine, the batch with the normal content of antigens (control) and the batch with the content of diphtheria and tetanus toxoids reduced to 20 Lf/ml and 5 BU/ml respectively (test batch), has been studied under the conditions of controlled trial. As a result, the reduction of the antigenic(More)
The reproducibility of laboratory methods, recommended by WHO and used by manufacturing and control institutions of most countries for the evaluation of the immunogenic potency of the pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus components of adsorbed DPT vaccine in the process of its production, was studied. This immunogenic potency was experimentally studied in(More)
On the basis of the experimentally established dependence of the degree of binding of diphtheria toxoid with standard diphtheria antitoxin on the duration of their joint incubation with the maximum binding occurring in 3-4 hours of incubation at 37 degrees C, the method of the in vitro determination of the antigenic activity of diphtheria toxoid in liquid(More)