S. V. Charhate

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Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is rapidly emerging technology, which plays a key role in next generation networks by delivering Quality of Services and traffic engineering features. MPLS is helpful in managing multimedia traffic when some links or paths are under and/or over utilized. In MPLS a look – up in switching table is certainly less complex(More)
With the growing interest in integration of voice, data and video traffic in wireless communication networks, CDMA emerged as an attractive access technique. The performance of wireless system is deteriorated in presence of multipath fading environment. Hence, the error performance analysis is a fundamental requirement to deploy CDMA system. The Bit Error(More)
Hidden node is a fundamental problem that affects any wireless network where nodes cannot hear each other and leads to data packet collision. IEEE 802.11 wireless networks employ RTS/CTS mechanism for avoiding DATA packet collision .The main design assumption in this method is that all the nodes in the vicinity of a sender and a receiver must hear the RTS(More)
The next generation wireless systems are supposed to handle high data rate as well as large coverage area. Various strategies have been introduced so far to mitigate the effects of the channel on the message received. In this paper, we give an introductory overview of cooperative communications, a new trend in this field of wireless Communications where the(More)
Energy efficiency (EE) is very crucial for future wireless communication systems, especially for cellular devices. Cellular network can cooperate with other wireless infrastructure for exploiting the detected spectrum holes to support energy-efficient cellular communication. TV white space (TVWS) can be used for Base station (BS) to User terminal (UT)(More)
We assume a wireless sensor network (WSN) having differently spaced nodes or relays at every place, and a two step transition of information from source to relay (nodes) and from nodes to destination or fusion center (FC). We will introduce relay selection schemes that attempt to optimize the transmission of data. This scheme selects a group of relays that(More)
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.61469 ABSTRACT The cooperative communication becomes an important topic in the field of wireless communication network to improve the reiliability and speed of communication over long distance and curvbed surface. As distance is increasing between transmitter and reciver, the transmitter RF power requirement goes up to maintain the(More)
In this paper we discussed the power consumption of BASE STATIONs, which become a important issue of ITC sector. In this paper we deal with the study and analysis of investigating power consumption of BASE STATION and also investigating possible ways to reduce of power consumption in wireless networks. We also implement the virtual cell concept on the BS(More)