S. V. Aruna Kumar

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In this paper, a fuzzy particle swarm optimization (FPSO) is developed, in which inertia weight is adaptively adjusted using fuzzy logic controller (FLC) during the search process. The FLC presented in this paper has one input and one output FLC into Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). The effectiveness of proposed FPSO is demonstrated by applying it to four(More)
Classification of text documents is one of the most common themes in the field of machine learning. Although a text document expresses a wide range of information, but it lacks the imposed structure of tradition database. Thus, unstructured data, particularly free running text data has to be transferred into a structured data. Hence, in this paper we(More)
There are volume of research articles regarding Load Frequency Control (LFC) of single area/multi area power system considering various control strategies. To use these research articles in a systematic way, an exhaustive literature review is required to avoid duplication in research work. In this paper, a review on LFC of power system using different(More)
-Mobile Ad Hoc Network is a collection of mobile nodes that communicates with each other over wireless links. MANETs are dynamic and self configuring networks with self-administration. Due to mobility of nodes in MANETs which results in frequent and arbitrarily changes in network topology, providing quality of service of multicast routing in MANETs is a(More)