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Our internet user base is growing up rapidly. Though it is a click away to mankind it is a giant leap in the history of Information Technology and website. With millions of servers to offer several services, we have approximately 1.8 billons of user searching, blogging, posting, and mailing daily. Most users navigate to web pages through search engines like(More)
The vast alert generation of IDS in the network is the major problem. It is the vital task to find solutions to reduce the alerts. Novel techniques namely Fuzzy Association rule and Fuzzy art map are proposed to identify attacks optimally and to reduce alerts. The execution time is reduced by placing the level of severity and importance. All alerts that are(More)
Detecting fraud activities and anomalies in vehicle movements are the two major concerns for the vehicle fleet industry. Some of these which incur heavy losses to the organization include fuel theft, loading and unloading related frauds, route variations, inefficient fuel maintenance and frequent breakdowns. The proposed system monitors certain vehicle(More)
A Grid allows its constituent resources to be used in a coordinated fashion to deliver various qualities of service, relating for example to response time, throughput, availability, and security, and/or co-allocation of multiple resource types to meet complex user demands, so that the utility of the combined system is significantly greater than that of the(More)
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